Fun Times, Just Like Old Times

This passed Sunday evening I hosted a little dinner party at our house.  The Sarge had band practice and instead of spending the evening puttering around the house or surfing the web, I invited my sons and their friends over for dinner and some games. I knew there was a possibility of a mass cancellation, which has happened in the past – you know kids – if something more fun than your mom’s invitation arises …, but I took a chance on a little heartache and was rewarded with a GREAT night!

Not only did I have my two sons under our roof, but their friends and my niece whom I had not seen in years.  When the ex-husband left in March ’08, it not only fractured our immediate family but also my extended family. I had not seen my one and only niece since before that time.  That all changed when she walked through the door.  This is Oldest Son and Favorite Niece.


I made lasagna, spicy meat sauce and pasta and two different kinds of bread.  The kids ate and then we all played Wii bowling (The Sarge gave me a Wii system as a Christmas present!) and a game called “The Game of Things.”  It was a fun night.  I had about 15 kids in my house, including The Sarge’s son and one of his friends.  I get along with him very, very well.  I love the guy and was very pleased when he accepted my invitation even though his dad would not be here. This definitely will not be the last family dinner party.  The Sarge is on midnight shift with Sundays and Mondays off.  He has Sunday night band practice which may mean a few more family dinners.  I think we will order in Chinese next time and I really need to get better with the photographs I want to take, the slightly posed and frame-able.

Youngest Son bowling.


Friday Night Peace and Quiet

I have done a little work around the site. Decided on a new template, tried to figure out who is still writing and how to link their blogs, updated the About Me page or whatever it’s called.
The house is all quiet except for the dogs and The Sarge snoring. (Although he would say he only “breathes deeply.”) He’s on midnights, which suck. It is not a shift for a relationship. Thankfully this police department changes shifts once a month so the misery of midnights only happen once every three. When he is on mids we have to be (whisper) very, very quiet whenever he is trying to rest – which is most of the time. I don’t blame him, even when he’s not working a double, it’s terrible being up all night (and having to do more than play on a computer!). I am also struggling to find time to get back to exercising during this shift. When I am not at work, he’s here – resting or relaxing – the last thing I want to do is Wii Zumba in front of him! He leaves at 10:30 PM which is too late for this old broad to exercise. What to do, what to do? I’ll figure it out. I probably should just take the dogs for a walk in the morning before work, but (another excuse) brrrr and yawn. Oh well, something will work out.

I’m going to try to find people I used to read and check into Facebook to see if Youngest Son has left a message (he is without phone right now). Speaking of FB – I don’t know how other people feel about linking the two, but I prefer to not advertise on FB that I have a blog. I trust you – not my “friends” over there. I ask that no one make reference to my blog. If there is something we should discuss – please come here or private message me. Thanks in advance!

Here I Sit…

Here I sit, typing on my Christmas gift – a laptop.  Love it.  My old computer decided to take a permanent vacation last spring. Poor old thing.  Thankfully I have had been able to certain things on my phone, but there’s nothing like a computer screen and keyboard.

So, how is everyone? I have kept up with a few online friends on Facebook, but I miss the blog-sharing.

Much has happened in my life.  I was officially divorced in October 2010.  I have been living with The Sarge since that month. He had a terrible motorcycle accident in September 2010.  After a month in the hospital, we came home and I moved in with him. He had asked during the summer, I was waiting until the divorce was final before really committing, but with the health challenges moving in was the right thing to do.  The Sarge has made an incredible recovery.  He will always have issues with his left leg but he’s a determined Irish/Italian man.

We’ve had our ups and downs, as every relationship does.  When you’re older like us, there’s bound to be baggage.  I believe he (and Us) are worth the effort.

My boys are now 24 and 21.5, which I find utterly amazing.  Good thing they keep getting older and I just keep getting better. Yup, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  We still have the three Border Collies.  I lost a couple of lizards and birds, but still have two lizards and one bird.  The Sarge is phenomenal with the pooches (they love him) and the bird.  The lizards … not his favorite!

I have a lot of catching up to do.  I haven’t sincerely blogged in years creating a gap between what’s happening and what I know how to do.  It is an exciting challenge.  I’m not even positive I still have the list of favorite authors on my template.  Oh, the hours I will be spending tapping away!  If you have the time, please leave a message with your website and any mutual authors who may be writing elsewhere.  Thanks!

A Question …

I finally have real, not mobile internet! Is everyone still posting here or did you go to another site? Inquiring minds want to know!

Before Work

I’m so glad people are still blogging! I’ve missed keeping up with everyone.

This will be a quick entry, I have to go to work in just a couple minutes.

Things have been absolutely crazy here. I filed for divorce this passed winter. The not-soon-enough Ex had stopped paying the mortgage in December and had not communicated with me since before Thanksgiving. I went to the women’s support center and they lead me in the right direction. Thank God for such support groups. We are in the divorce process and, of course, it’s messy, but I’ll hold that for another entry.

On the first weekend in October my car broke down. He had it towed away and I am now entering the seventh month without a car. There is a court order for car repair but with the Ex there is always an excuse or reason or it’s simply someone else’s fault. Hopefully this situation will resolve itself very, very soon. I’ve been bumming rides just to get to work. It’s ridiculous.

Since I last checked in, besides the car situation, my clothes washer broke, my house is falling down around my ears, my computer broke, my blood pressure shot up to 168/132 and I found out I have no medical insurance. We ran out of oil a couple times for weeks during the winter (when the Ex wouldn’t order it when needed) and due to the freezing temperatures I lost two of my lizards. Oh, and I actually have rats in the basement (because a window has been broken for two years and when I finally made a makeshift cover they chewed holes through the wood about the cement foundation). I tried to catch them in have a heart traps, but that didn’t work because they weren’t tempted due to the fact they could go in and out for food (there’s nothing edible in the basement). They were staying down there but finally chewed a hole large enough to get upstairs and were able to get into my dove’s cage. I was crushed when I came downstairs to the feathery, bloody mess the following morning. I cannot express the amount of hatred I felt toward the Ex at that moment. Now … the rats have had babies. The youngest son finally fixed the broken window and has promised to come over to patch up the holes in the wood. I think I need to break down and use poison, which so goes against my grain. Wonder why my blood pressure is through the roof?

On the totally great side of life, the Sargeant and I are still together. It’s been a little over ten months. He’s a huge source of strength and laughter in my life. I’m impressed by many things but mostly because he allows me to be just that, me. Lots more to share on this front later.

Have to head out to work … still working as a receptionist at the hair salon. Unfortunately it’s only 12-20 hours a week but without a car and with the divorce not finalized I cannot seek out full time employment.

Hopefully I’ll have time to catch up with you all this evening after work.

Have a great day!

Wondering …

My computer is finally fixed! I’ve been without since the fall of 2009. Phew.

So I’m wondering … are people still blogging?

Something Old, Something New

Well, another long break blogging happened in a blink of an eye.

Things are okay here.  Same shit, different pile with the (I wish) ex.  Oldest Son is still living here with me but has decided to take a break from college. I really disagree with this decision.  He should be entering his senior year at UCONN.  I am going to pressure him by insisting on 40-60 hour work weeks and payment of rent.  Hopefully that will  light a fire under his tush.  Youngest Son is in the process (for a month now) of moving out.  He and a friend are building an apartment in a friend’s mom’s house.  I think she’s insane but she’s an adult and can make her own decisions.  I’ll be glad when he gets all his nasty crap out of the house then OS and I can purge the rooms he has destroyed.

The dogs are still the loves of my life.  I honestly don’t know if I could have kept my head on straight during the last year and a half without them. Still have the three birds and four lizards. 

Okay, the real news is I am seeing someone! I waited almost a year and a half before trusting anyone.  This guy seems really great.  He is a police sargeant, has been a cop for 23 years, is dad to a 23 year old daughter and a 19 year old son and been divorced for 12 years.  He’s older than me, which surprised the crap out of me because with all the twenty and thirty-somethings pinging on me I thought one would catch my eye.  He makes me laugh like no person ever has.  He has a great family and group of friends who have accepted me just because he chose me.  What a new experience.  I’ve know him for quite a while but finally accepted a “date” to a family picnic on July 4th.  We clicked and have been seeing each other since.  Any way, here we are …


We’ll see where this goes.  I’m trying to not hope for the best but when one is lead around by that soft beating organ it’s a little hard.

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